All participants are expected to submit a draft paper for discussion and review


This is a practical hands-on workshop. One of the main activities is for all delegates to participate in a feedback session



You must submit in advance a draft research paper (by Monday 30 April 2018)

These instructions are also downloadable in pdf format


The format of the workshop is as follows:


  1. Delegates will join a workshop feedback session comprising two other delegates and an ISI editor;
  2. Your paper will be presented within the feedback session; how you choose to present is up to you. If you utilise a PowerPoint presentation keep it to a maximum of five slides; be concise and to the point;
  3. In advance of the workshop, you will read the draft research papers of two other delegates for feedback in your workshop group session; these will be emailed to you approximately three weeks before the workshop;
  4. Each paper will be commented on and reviewed by the two other delegates in the group and the journal editor: - each of whom will have read your paper before the workshop begins;
  5. We recommend you bring to the workshop both the electronic file and a paper copy of your paper.


The feedback you will receive - and that which you give the others in your session - will enhance the quality of your own work, and provide an invaluable source of inspiration and insight for promoting a lifetime of productive scholarship.  You are joining a workshop facilitated by some of the world's leading ISI journal editors - this is a rare career enhancing opportunity. As such, delegates can expect to:


  1. Develop skills for designing a good well-structured research paper;
  2. Learn how to review a research paper and provide quality, action-oriented feedback;
  3. Enhance the chance of publication in a top business, management or associated social science journal.


Research papers should be spaced either in single or one and a half lines, minimum of 11-point font; and include page numbers centred at the bottom of the page. The maximum is 5,500 words excluding tables, figures, references and appendices. The paper should have:

  • A title (reflecting the content of your paper)
  • An abstract (maximum 100 words)
  • Name(s) of aithors(s) and email addresse(s)
  • Up to five key words
  • An introduction
  • Literature review
  • Methodology (showing clearly research objectives and research questions)
  • Data collection and analyses (qualitative or quantitative or mixed as appropriate)
  • Conclusions
  • Limitations and further research
  • References (please follow Harvard style)


Please submit your paper in Microsoft Word format.


Please email your paper to Valerie Thorne, Small Business Research Centre, Kingston Business School, Email:


You will receive acknowledgement when your paper is received.


Papers must be submitted before 30 April 2018. Late submissions will not be accepted. Places are strictly limited so early booking is strongly advised.


For details of the delegate fees and logistics see Delegate costs and logistics


Any questions or problems please email:

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