Testimonials from the recent publishing workshop for emerging scholars at Kingston University 23-25 May 2018

"I just wanted to write a note to say thank you so much for hosting such a brilliant couple of days. I found the talks and sessions so useful and informative and it came just at the right time for me..."
"What an insightful and useful two days! I would recommend this to all early career researchers. A rare opportunity to meet inspiring and experienced academics in a small scale setting. Thank you very much for a brilliant two days!"
 Dr Tina Kowalski, York University, York Management School
"FANTASTIC - would recommend to my peers that are in the early stages of their research career; useful insight into the inner-workings of the publishing world."
Sarah Hughes, Cardiff University, Cardiff Business School
"Publishing workshops like this must be made an essential part of learning and development for young researchers. The initiative of INBAM is truly invaluable, as it gives better chances of success to young scholars in their careers."
Karina Pavlisa, Reading University, Henley Business School
"This was a very interesting and inspiring workshop. The sessions were well-designed specifically with early and mid-career researchers in mind. I found the Research Paper Feedback Session, which was moderated by an eminent journal editor, developmental, encouraging and career-enhancing."
Dr Jacqueline McLean, Manchester Metropolitan University
"A very worthy workshop to academics at the very start of their academic career. I wish I had had the opportunity to come at the start of my PhD journey."
Charlotte Doyle, Cardiff University, Cardiff Business School

"I found the workshop useful and the editors were supportive in developing our research papers for publication. Having these sort of workshop is useful for ECRs and I am pleased I could attend."


Dr Ekaete Efretuei, Newcastle University





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